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Pastor Cynthia J. Moore

was born on July 16, 1957 to Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Wilkerson of Douglas, Georgia.  She was joined in marriage at an early age to Leviticus Moore, Jr.  They have been married for over 50 years and are the proud parents of three lovely
children: Candace, Leviticus III, and Shanna.  She has one son-in-law: Kai Marcel Hight; and one daughter-in-law: Amber Cotton Moore. They have six beautiful 

grandchildren and one lovely great grandchild. Pastor Cynthia works in the ministry with her husband, Apostle Leviticus Moore, Jr., whom is the founder of Glorious Deliverance Family Worship Center, Inc., in Fitzgerald Georgia.  She has assisted him in pastoring for over 40 years.  Cynthia was called into ministry at the age of 16.  She has now been in ministry for over 50 years.  She is
dedicated to her call: preaching and teaching the engrafted word of God, walking in the anointing and delivering souls for God. 

  God has raised Pastor Cynthia as an end time voice.  She is a Mother in Zion, birthing souls into the Kingdom through prayer and intercession.  The anointing that she carries was birthed out through her spiritual mother, Mother Estella Boyd.  The prayer that was birthed in her came from her natural mother, Mother Mary Wilkerson, a praying Mother 
in Zion. 

She also has a deliverance ministry that was birthed in her at a young age through her spiritual father, Apostle Charles Wilkerson.  God has blessed her with a dynamic teaching gift, having received the teaching mantle from her father, Bro. Johnnie Wilkerson.

  Her ministry includes evangelist, conference speaker, revivalist, and financial workshop presenter.  She is also a recording artist: writing and singing songs that were birthed under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.  Her first CD release, “It’s a New Day” is now available.  God blessed her to become an author over 11 years ago. Her book entitled, "The Story of My Divine Destiny," is available as well. She prays that as people listen to these songs, an atmosphere of worship and praise will be created, to cause yokes to be broken off the souls of people.   God is using this sold-out vessel of God to change the minds, hearts, and lives of people.  She loves to work with young people and has a heart for the youth and believes that by imparting into them and encouraging them to live and walk in the power and spirit of holiness; and to prepare them to lead this generation to salvation and to cross on over. She knows that her assignment is to live and walk in the power and authority that God has entrusted in her to help save and deliver this generation and bring them to the particular destiny that is within them.  Her motto is, “If I can help someone along this journey, then my living on this earth will not be in vain.”​

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